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Comcast HQ Philadelphia

The Company People Love to Hate

Comcast consistently ranks as one of the most hated companies in the US. Just do a search for “Comcast hated” or “Comcast Sucks.” There are actually quite a few websites with variations on the words “Comcast” and “sucks.” You must really dislike a company to go to the trouble of creating a website about it. There are also Facebook, Reddit and other social media pages reflecting consumer disgust with the company. We are not going to link to all of them here as it would make the article too long.

By Wayne Porter

The 92 Million Dollar Pizza

On May 22nd of 2010 a developer ordered two pizzas and paid for them using bitcoin, the first commercial transaction using the fledgling cryptocurrency. May 22nd is now designated Bitcoin Pizza Day, celebrating this purchase. The price of the two pizzas? 10,000 BTC, worth about $25.00 at the time. Since then, the price of bitcoin has gone up a bit. One bitcoin got as high at $19,000 . It may be more or less when you read this depending on what happens to the exchange rate It is currently experiencing an extreme volatility.

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