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By Wayne Porter

Here is a recap of some of the cable and ISP news around the country this week:

Sonic Expands its $40 Gigabit Internet in San Francisco

Independent Internet Service Provider Sonic has begun offering Gigabit Internet Service for $40 per month to residents of San Francisco. That is about half the price that many of the bigger ISPs are offering their gigabit service for.


Following suit with all the other telecos and ISPs buying and selling and merging, late last year it was announced that Windstream and EarthLink would merge. The deal was finalized in February of this year. According to this deal, EarthLink shareholders received 0.818 shares of Windstream stock for each share of EarthLink they owned. The value of the merger is $1.1 billion.

Welcome to the Dark Web

By Wayne Porter

Maybe you have seen this scenario play out on a TV show; a hacker with malicious intentions goes to the dark web to get illegal contraband or some inside information on some dark and sinister group. You wonder, "Is there such a place as the Dark Web"? The answer is: Yes. And it is probably just as seamy as you imagine.

OTT Streaming TV viewing options

By Wayne Porter

One of the chief complaints of cable and satellite TV customers is that the bills are too high and they don’t watch most of the channels they get. This is due to the fact that television content providers insist on a cable service provider buying all or none of its channels. Consumers have been requesting smaller, packages or ala carte choices.

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