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By Wayne Porter

One of the chief complaints of cable and satellite TV customers is that the bills are too high and they don’t watch most of the channels they get. This is due to the fact that television content providers insist on a cable service provider buying all or none of its channels. Consumers have been requesting smaller, packages or ala carte choices.

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By Wayne Porter


Big Brother is Watching

Internet Service Provider CenturyLink has signed an agreement to provide various federal, state and local government agencies with real-time monitoring of US citizen’s use of pharmaceutical medications, including opioid prescriptions.

By Wayne Porter

If you have been online much recently you have probably seen something about the new Privacy Rules that were supposed to go into effect later this year that were repealed by Congress through a Congressional Review Act resolution. A CRA resolution basically repeals a rule enacted by a government agency and prohibits the agency from enacting another similar rule.

Internet and Cable Service News Week In Review

By Wayne Porter

The Story No One is Keeping Private

The big news in the Internet arena recently was the Internet Privacy Media Circus. Congress used the Congressional Review Act to remove several rules put on the books in the final days of the Obama Administration. Among them, the new privacy rules created by the FCC. There has been a lot of public and media attention as a result.

Even before Donald Trump became the 45th President, the cable and telecom industries was active with mergers and acquisitions. This has been going on for more than a hundred years but just a few years back, in 2013, word got out that Comcast Cable was attempting to buy Time Warner Cable. They kicked it around for a bit but with grumblings from the Justice Department and the threat of an anti trust lawsuit, Comcast decided to drop the bid.  

Disclaimer: The title of this article was written using the binary numeral system. After all, the Internet, the World Wide Web and computer software is based on the binary system. 1001 is the binary notation that equals the number 9 in the decimal system. Please enjoy your 1001 (9) ways to save on your Internet bill.

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